Volunteer Recruitment for Round SS Race Starting!

by Wendy Vine on March 1, 2017

The annual Round Salt Spring race is coming up on the long weekend in May, the 19th to 21st. All Club members are encouraged to become involved. There are some ways to be involved before the race (if you are perhaps not going to be here on those dates), and there are many ways to be involved on the actual weekend. Please do feel free to become involved with several areas of the race. You can be involved all weekend, if you like!  It’s tremendous fun to be part of this important Club event.

Recruitment starts, of course, with the list of people who have listed Round SS as a volunteer interest area.  But we might have to extend the recruitment efforts to the entire Club membership if we still need more volunteers, once we have exhausted the initial list.

After the middle of March, phoners from both the House and Grounds team and the Food Services team will start contacting people. So, you might be approached more than once and you can say yes more than once, as well!  However, if you know now which area(s) you want to volunteer for, you can contact one (or more) of the following people ASAP to put your hand up before they have to phone you.  Or you can contact Volunteer Coordinator Wendy (volunteers@saltspringsailing.ca) and your message will be passed along to the appropriate people.  That will make their jobs so much easier and they will really appreciate your early offers.

House and grounds: Roy Marlatt (phone number in yearbook) OR Casey de Jong (vice_commodore@saltspringsailing.ca)

Food services: Arlene Dashwood (phone number in yearbook)

Bar services:  Mike Dawson (staff_captain@saltspringsailing.ca)

Helping to dock boats: Hugh Preddy (phone number in yearbook) Thank you, we have enough boat dockers!

Helping to run the race itself: Richard Ballantyne (phone number in yearbook)

Your early participation in offering to volunteer will be very much appreciated.