We Need a New Fleet Captain Cruising

by Wendy Vine on November 11, 2017

Our Club Needs YOU!

We have a key volunteer position empty at this time.  It is a Board of Directors position:  Fleet Captain Cruising.  Filling this job is key to ensuring that we have a cruising program at our club.  If no-one volunteers to take this on, we know from experience that nothing happens in this area.  Retiring FCC Karen Laidlaw would be keen to talk to you if you are interested.  It is not something that takes a great deal of time (you do not have to lead or attend each cruise and Karen is staying on as Reciprocal Officer), there are people to help you, and being on the Board is a great way to learn about how the Club operates.  You can read about the roles and responsibilities of this position here.  If you are interested in talking about or, even better, taking on this position, please contact Past Commodore Eric van Soeren.  He would be delighted to hear from you!

Thanks to Jill Sydneysmith for taking on the job of volunteer organizer for the social events committee.  Much appreciated, Jill!

Don’t forget about the Annual General Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 28, 7 pm at the Lions’ Hall off Drake Road (…where you could be elected Fleet Captain Cruising!)