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Mischief Repeats as Overall Winner and Takes All the Silver

Eric Jespersen’s Melges 32, Mischief overtook Lawndart late in the afternoon and held her lead to the finish, winning Line Honours for first elapsed time, First Overall corrected time, and First in Division 1. Mischief wins the Marshall Sharp Trophy for First Overall and the Lady Minto Foundation Trophy for Line Honours winner.

2017 Results By Division            2017 Results Overall

In Division 1, after Mischief, Jim Allan’s Farr 40 Strait Marine was second overall, corrected time, and second in Division. Stuart Dahlgren’s Santa Cruz 70 Westerly was third overall and third in Division. Honourable mention goes to Captain Billy Allan whose Lawndart lead the race for a long period and came in fourth in Division and fourth overall.

In Division 2, the Big Heavy Cruisers, Terna III, Bill Kitchen’s venerable C&C 39 was the only survivor of the calm night. Bill wins first in Division and sixth overall.

In Division 3, the Select Light boats, the only finisher was Incisor, Bill Phillips’ CY8.0. Incisor wins first in Division and fifth overall.

In Division 4, the Fast Cruisers, Mojo, Mark Hansen’s J109, was first in Division and seventh overall. LegacyIan Peterson’s J109 was second in Division and eighth overall. SelkieGord Wylie’s Express 37 was third in Division and ninth overall.

In the Multi-Hull Division, Greg Keel’s Corsair F-27 Dream Chaser was first.

There were no other finishers in a trying year of capricious breezes after such a promising start.

Sadly, none of the finishers were boats from the host club and so the Doug Thomas Memorial Trophy for first Saltspring Island Sailing Club boat is not awarded this year.

The Winner of the UK Sails Team Challenge was Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club Team 2, which included Mischief, Border Reiver, and Honcho. Runner-up was Scott Point Old Guys Sailing Club represented by Strait Marine, Buck’aneer and Revenuer.

In a weird twist, after struggling to the finish to among only nine boats that completed the course, Selkie won the Tar and Feathers Trophy for last boat to finish.

And recognizing the emphasis that SISC is placing on running an environmentally responsible event, an award was created for Environmental Awareness among the participants. The first winner is Bill Cote and his Lightning Revenuer as the boat with a smaller environmental footprint – it was the smallest boat, had an electric motor and the boat itself was recycled as the previous owner was going to put into the dumpster.

Race Videos!

Video Credit: Indro Robotics and Remote Sensing

Video Credit: Willem Buitendyk – SISC Member

Video Credit: Alan Pattinson of Comox

Race Log Book

1:00 am – Mischief is First Home!

The original four front runners that managed to get through Sansum Narrows have made to back to the club.  The sleepy race committee was awoken at 00:53:56 to welcome Mischief, Eric Jespersen’s Melges 32, as first across the line – followed by Westerly at 01:12:39, Strait Marine at 01:17:00 and LawnDart at 02:04:15.

9:00 pm – Settling in for a Long Night

9:00 pm – The promise was fleeting. As the sun sets and wind fades from memory, about a third of the fleet have retired instead of sticking out a long night floating under the stars.

No one has finished, but a few front runners including Lawndart, Mischief, Westerly and Strait Marine made it through Sansum Narrows before the flood started but are now parked around Fulford. A few others like 65 Red Roses and Joy Ride made it around Southey Point before the wind faded, but are stranded on the north end of Sansum with no wind to push them through. The rest are in Stuart Channel looking at Crofton and a couple of really hearty souls are sticking it out off Fernwood.

Race Committee is settling into a night of cribbage and answering the phone calls from reluctant retirees. Just for once, can there please be a night breeze.

3:00 pm – First Boat is Past Vesuvius

3:00 pm – Lawndart, Bill Allan’s SC 50 from Nanaimo is the first boat to pass Vesuvius Bay and start heading for Sansum Narrows before the current changes to flood at 7:30 pm. Going past the Race Committee enjoying the fish & chips, Lawn Dart has a commanding lead in light westerly. Most of the fleet is reported to not have past Southey Point yet.

10:00 am – 105 Boats Start Round Saltspring 2017

The 2017 Round Saltspring got off with an unexpected but welcome nice northerly breeze and an unusual spinnaker start. All starts were clean and a number of boats found the right lane out of the harbour to get a small advantage of being first around Channel Islands.

A number of gusts seem to take a few boats with the biggest spinnakers by surprise and shouts of anxiety were heard all the way back to the Committee Boat.

The boats are going around counter clockwise up Trincomali Channel and around the north end of Saltspring then towards Sansum Narrows.

Let’s hope the wind holds and boats can make it to Sansum by 7:30 tonight.

But there is wind in Trimcomali and lead boats have made it past Walker Hook at 12:00 with most of fleet tacking along the Galiano shoreline in a northwest breeze of about 5 knots.

Friday, May 19 – A Great Competition Shaping Up

A robust fleet of 107 competitors in seven Divisions (plus multis) are now in pre-race mode for the 44th Round Saltspring Race. The weatherman is calling for a sunny weekend, but the wind gods haven’t yet made up their minds about strength and direction. As old Round Saltspring hands know well, racers are likely to get a bit of every kind of wind over the course of the circumnavigation. Tacticians will be kept busy finding the sweet spot to take best advantage of the two great forces of nature that rule this race: wind and current. The Round Saltspring current model will no doubt be well consulted before race day, but the course direction – clockwise or anti-clockwise – will not be announced until the Skippers Meeting Saturday morning. Good luck to all!

Thanks to Our Signature Sponsors!

The Saltspring Island Sailing Club is grateful to Blackline Marine and Odlum Brown Limited who are supporting the 2017 Round Saltspring Race as Signature Sponsors.