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Eric Jespersen’s Mischief
Wins Round Saltspring


Overall Winners

Past RSS winner Eric Jespersen and his crew did a fabulous job of taking the ladders and avoiding the snakes to steer their Melges 32, Mischief (above), to third across the finish, and take the overall win on corrected time and the Marshall Sharp Trophy.

willo-start-line-sqjackrabbit-aerial-maJeff Eckard’s Peterson 42, Will-O-The Wisp (left, at the start line) was second overall and first in Division 2, while Colin Nichol’s CM1200 Jackrabbit (left below) came in third overall and second in Division 1.

Division Winners

Division 1:
Mischief – Jespersen
Division 2:
Will-O-The Wisp – Eckard
Division 3:
Buck’aneer – Buck
Division 4:
Incisor – Phillips
Division 5:
Arnica – Law
Division 6:
Plus Ten – Levaaho
Division 7 (multihulls):
Mail Order Bride – Gorrie

electra-award-lmDoug Thomas Trophy

Roger Kibble (left, at awards ceremony) skippered his Aphrodite 101 Electra  in his 38th Round Saltspring race – to win the Doug Thomas Trophy for first Saltspring Island Sailing Club boat on corrected time.

Line Honours

For the second year in a row, line honours went to the powerful TP52, Valkyrie (below) campaigned by RKR Racing. Valkyrie battled Stuart Dalghren’s Westerly right from the start line for elapsed time supremacy, edging out the Santa Cruz 70 by a few minutes.


snsyc-uk-challenge-sqUK Team Challenge

The Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club Team 1 (left), consisting of My-Tai, Blue Shift and Arnica won the Opti sail for their junior program donated by UK Sails. With places in their respective divisions of 3, 7, 1, SNSYC won by 1 point over the Vancouver Rowing Club team of Raven, Double D and Thursday’s Child (5, 5, 2).

effervescence-award-lmTar and Feathers Trophy

2016 was one of those speedy Round Saltspring races when every crew gets a decent night’s sleep, and even the last boat to finish crossed the line before midnight. RB Bortz’s Effervescence (left), took the award this year for hanging in there to the end!

Photos: Margaret Argiro, Larry Melious, Silk Questo


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2016 Round Saltspring Race Log

May 22, 2016 07:30 am  IN THE BAG

For once, Race Committee got a good night sleep. Even Effervescence 1 got in before midnight. Full Results will be posted shortly.

No surprise – Mischief, the Melges 32 with Olympian Eric Jespersen at the helm is the Overall Winner of Round Saltspring 2016.


The fleet is almost home. With a strong front rolling through and a building wind veering to the west, most of the remaining boats survived their way to finish just after dark. That leaves RB Bortz on Effervescence 1, who reported from Captain Passage that he has a collection from every wind hole on the race course, including the current one. Race Committee found that remarkable, as the wind was blowing 15 or more with stronger gusts only 2 miles away at the Finish. But that is the Round Saltspring Race in a nutshell.


The sun is just peeking out under the clouds as it is about drop behind the trees. Maybe the cloud cover will part and allow the Full Moon to present itself for the boats still on the course.

But it might not matter. More than sixty boats are now back in port, enjoying the re-telling of stories from a great day of racing (and maybe a beverage or two). At least one boat from each division has made it in and there are lots of spinnakers in sight heading for the Finish.

7:40 pm – 90 MINUTES TO DARK

The front seems to have passed and the wind at the finish has eased a bit. But at least rain is on the horizon. Twenty-two boats, mostly from Division 1 and 2, have now finished. Four boats have retired due to various issues.


There are whitecaps and rollers blowing from the east in Ganges Harbour. It could be a rocky night for the Finish Boat.

Five boats have now finished and a number are in sight with kites up and bow waves. Mischief, Mail Order Bride, Strait Marine, Will-O-The Wisp and Jackrabbit are all in.

The tide at Sansum Narrows has now turned to ebb. For any of the slower boats caught south of Sansum in the Fulford hole, it will be a tough night. John Parkes on WhistlerV has already decided it was better to go to a warm bed  than sit at anchor waiting for 4 hours for the tide to change.


IMG_0038Gavin Brackett’s crew aboard Valkyrie roared past the finish at 5:49 pm, a few minutes ahead of Stuart Dahlgren’s Westerly. After seeing puffs over 20 kts. at Nose Point, they both hoisted their kites for the last 2 mile wild run to the Finish.

The promised front has finally arrived. Our intrepid reporter sees lots of boats with reefed mainsails as they beat into chop and puffs in Trincomali Channel. Most of Division 3 has now passed Walker Rock and working hard to get to the Finish before dark.


Valkyrie is in sight south of the Sisters. Most of the Division 1 boats are past Walker Rock and a few of the Division 2 boats. Good wind is reported in Trincomali Channel.

But there is less wind in Stuart Channel and the slower boats are suffering getting through Sansum and up towards Fulford. 1 hour and counting before the turn of the tide at Sansum Narrows.


The nice people at Seaside Kitchen threw the Race Committee out of the place for undefined offences. But as we left a number of boats were approaching Vesuvius, including Rags, Thursday’s Child, String Theory and Papillon in a sea of colourful spinnakers. (Clearly they did not get the memo from the faster boats about all white kites).

Valkyrie is reported to have picked up some wind on the east side of Southey Point and is beating their way down Trincomali just past Walker Rock. The reporter saw Westerly coming out of Houston Passage but no sign of Mischief.

There is still 2 and a bit more hours for the boats behind to all get through Sansum Narrows before the tidal gate starts to close.


rss16-div-1-start-2Valkyrie and Westerly are past Vesuvius with reasonable wind. Sarah from Greg Johnston’s Lil Surfrider is asking RC where her husband is. We don’t know, but one of the wee boats – possibly Eric Jespersen’s Mischief or Daryl Homan’s My-Tai are right behind. And now a whack of colourful Kites appear out of Sansum which includes Raven and Dominatrix (2 boats with AIS transponders on Shipfinder).


The first boats are popping out of Sansum Narrow in a following breeze of about 6 kts. To the Race Committee sitting with beer and fish & chips at Vesuvius, it appears that Valkyrie is in the lead with a few other light boats just behind  but the modern predilection for all-white spinnakers makes it hard to identify them.

11:30 am – AFTER THE START

IMG_3267A nice southerly blew into Ganges Harbour a few minutes for the first warning signal. Through 7 different starts, all boats got underway without anyone getting over the start line early, although there were some close quarters and a few exchanges of pleasantries. The pin end was slightly favoured, but the smart boats like 65 Red Roses in Div 1 stayed near the Committee Boat to catch a little more breeze on the right side. The smaller boats started first, but were being overtaken by the larger boats as they headed down the harbour.

While the wind faded a bit as boats worked out to the Sisters about 40 minutes after the last start, all looked to be making progress hoping to get to Beaver Point before the tide turns.

May 21, 2016 8:30 am – SKIPPERS’ MEETING
The Course is Green – Clockwise. No wind now, but the forecast continues to look good. Good Luck to everyone.