SISC Visitor Moorage

Welcome to Saltspring Island Sailing Club

We welcome members of reciprocal sailing or yacht clubs as visitors. Please read the following information carefully – especially if you have not visited us before. We are an all-volunteer, self-help club so we operate on the honour system. This means that you, as a visitor, are responsible for registering, paying fees and, in general, adhering to all our rules and regulations. Any abuse of this trust may result in the termination of all reciprocity with your Club.

As you can see from this map, we are located about 1 mile SE of Ganges village in Ganges Harbour on Salt Spring Island.

On arrival at our marina, you must first tie up on the outside of the breakwater, and then obtain help from the Volunteer Daily Wharfinger (or any other club member if no Wharfinger is on duty) in locating a suitable moorage spot. Visitors arriving after-hours may remain tied to the outside of the breakwater (see dock plan below) if no member is available to direct them to a vacant member slip. Please do not occupy a member slip unless you’ve been directed to do so. You must also at this time fly your club burgee and be ready to produce your current club membership card.

Please note that our Club will be closed to reciprocal visitors during the Round Saltspring Race as listed below.

Reciprocal Moorage Rules and Information

Moorage When you arrive at the Sailing Club, first tie up on the
outside of the cement breakwater (“F” Dock or “BW” Dock,
shown above), and contact the Volunteer Daily Wharfinger.
We have approximately 315 feet marked as “Visitors Dock”.
Also, members’ vacant moorage spots are regularly
assigned to visitors. Reservations are not possible.

Registration Immediately upon arrival, all visitors must register in the
registration book at the registration station located on
“F” Dock. The registration form must be completed,
and the white copy of the form – plus the appropriate
fees – are to be placed in an envelope and deposited
in the locked cash box. The yellow copy of the registration
form is to be posted in your boat’s window, dockside.

Vessel Length
48 feet LOA (including all protrusions) is the maximum
vessel size allowable.

Mooring Charges We offer two (2) non-consecutive 24-hour periods of
moorage per calendar year free. After that, the charge
is 50 cents per foot per day.

Payment Deposit all payments in the lock box at the visitor’s
registration station on “F” Dock.

Time Limit We allow a maximum of five (5) days per calendar year
for reciprocal visitors.

Boat Occupancy Visiting boats are not to be left unattended overnight.

Security Gate
and Facilities
The gatehouse located on the pier and the washrooms/
showers (accessed from the exterior lower level of the
clubhouse) are controlled by keypads. The code to
open these is posted at the visitor’s registration
station on “F” Dock.

Power Most slips and the breakwater docks have 30 amp service
(some smaller inside slips are limited to 15 amps). Only
CSA/UL certified power cords, rated for 30 amps or more
and designed for marine application, may be used to
connect to 30 amp shore power, and must terminate
on the boat at a marine power inlet fixture or suitable
adapter in a dry location. Please pay $5.00 per day per
plugged-in cord.

Water Water is available on the docks, but washing down is not

and Showers
Men’s and Women’s washrooms with showers are located
on the lower level of the clubhouse, each with a separate
entrance. Note: washrooms accommodate only one
person at a time. We request that showers be kept short
(within the 5 minute timer) and a $2.00 donation per
shower should be deposited in the honour box located
next to the shower.

Fuel, Ice, Laundry
and Groceries
Supplies and basic marine equipment are available in
nearby Ganges. The quickest access to the village is
by dinghy, and there are several dinghy docks downtown
for visitors’ use. The walk to Ganges village from the Club
is approximately 1.5 km and includes hills both ways.

Garbage We do not have any garbage facilities at our Club. You
must take it home with you, or you can transport is
to the Small Craft Harbour in Ganges where, for a
small fee, it can be disposed of.

Telephone A telephone for local or emergency calls is located
at the head of the pier. Long-distance or toll calls
are not possible. Phone numbers of grocery stores,
taxis and pizza deliveries can be found on the
bulletin board at the head of the pier.

Internet Access WIFI is available on the docks and the password is
posted at the visitor’s registration station. Best
signal is closest to the clubhouse. The rate for
use of our WIFI is $2.00 per day.

Fires No open fires or BBQs are allowed on the docks.

Holding Tank No overboard discharge of any kind is allowed in our
marina. You are strongly encouraged to use the pump-
out facility at the breakwater/wharf by the Coast Guard
Station in Ganges’ inner harbour if you must empty
your holding tanks.

Pets All pets must be on a leash at all times while on the
docks or on Club grounds. Pets are not allowed in
the clubhouse or washrooms. Owners are responsible
for cleaning up after their pets.

Closures The Sailing Club marina is closed to visitors for our
annual Round Saltspring Race on Victoria Day
weekend. In 2012, this will include May 18, 19 and 20.

Wharfinger The Volunteer Daily Wharfinger is available from 1100
to 1600 hours daily during the summer, from May 15th
to September 15th. Before or after those hours or dates,
please obtain help or information from any member
on the docks, or phone the Wharfinger. The phone
number is posted at the visitor’s registration station.


Please note that moorage privileges are extended to visitors at their own risk. Saltspring Island Sailing Club shall not be liable for loss or damage while at Club facilities, including docks.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us!