Volunteers Still Needed for the Round Salt Spring Race Weekend!

by Wendy Vine on April 3, 2017

April 21 Update:  The recruitment of volunteers for the Round Salt Spring Race on the long weekend in May continues. Thank you if you have already volunteered for something on that weekend. We still need people in a few areas. If you haven’t already offered your help, here’s your chance to volunteer before you are “conscripted”! And if you can fit in another shift on the weekend (perhaps in a different area), that would also be much appreciated.

1. House and Grounds still needs to fill in their roster for set up the week before the race and for tasks throughout the weekend. They will have shifts dealing with the security of the alcohol license on Friday afternoon and evening.  For detailed shifts, please click here: RSS 2017 web post H&G.

Right now, they are specifically looking for someone to help with set up on Wed. May 17, 10:30 to 2:30.  They need 5 people for the 5-9 shift on Friday night, May 19 (this is a really fun time, with the band and lamb BBQ going on!)  They also need 2 people to help Sunday morning and 1 person for Sunday afternoon (again, it’s fun to be there during the pancake breakfast and awards ceremony).

If you can help out in the above House and Grounds area, please contact Vice-Commodore Casey de Jong: vice_commodore@saltspringsailing.ca or Roy Marlatt (phone number in yearbook).

2. Food Services still needs 5 people to help with cleanup on Sunday, May 21.  If you can help out with that, please contact Arlene Dashwood (phone number in yearbook) or Wendy Vine: volunteers@saltspringsailing.ca.

3. Beverage Services now has enough staff, thank you!

4. The Cashiers also have enough staff now, thank you!

5.  The Wharfinger team has enough staff as well, thank you!

There is a chance that you will be contacted by several people seeking your help. Feel free to help out as much as you can over the weekend! It’s really fun, and working in different areas means that you meet lots of people and you get a really good idea of what this weekend is all about.

Thanks for your continuing support of Club activities. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or if you wish to volunteer.

Wendy Vine, Volunteer Coordinator, volunteers@saltspringsailing.ca