Communications Volunteers Sought!

by Wendy Vine on March 18, 2017

Communications Director Todd Brett is building his new Communications team. There are volunteer jobs available which we hope will appeal to people who like organizing things.

Thanks to Silk Questo (Telltales, yearbook photos), Wendy Vine (yearbook coordinator, events calendar, Crownest), Ryan Preddy (social media), Connie Brett (webmaster), Jill Sydnesymith (bulletin boards), Larry Melious (photography) and Louise Devlin (merchandising) for already stepping up to the plate for 2017.

Positions which still need someone to grab involve mainly organizing and keeping track of things like photos, files, archives, and signs, so that they are easy to find and use. Below are very brief descriptions of these jobs. We estimate that these tasks would involve no more than a couple of hours a week, on average.

In particular:

Photo Librarian: organizes, edits, and keeps track of digital photos, so they are available for our Flickr page, publications, annual slide show, etc.  This job involves coordinating the photos that people take of Club events over the year.

Digital Librarian: organizes and keeps track of digital files related to the Club’s history and legal obligations, so that people can find them when they need them and they are all in one place.

Archival Librarian: organizes and keeps track of archival material such as publications over the years, various memorabilia, etc. This might involve some scanning of documents and might coordinate with the Digital Librarian.

Signage Coordinator: creates, keeps track of, and organizes the signs that the Club maintains, making sure that they are current and in good shape.  (If you are able to work with graphics, this might be the job for you.  Or perhaps you know someone who could do the sign creation while you are the organized one!)

If you are someone who likes to organize things and can see yourself taking on one or more of these tasks, or if you are interested in more details, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Wendy Vine.