2012 Racing Awards

Many thanks to Philippe Erdmer (Kaitoa) for compiling the club race results, Vincent Argiro (Velica) for compiling RSS and Vendee race results Lawrie Neish (Hereticus) for engraving trophies.


Trophy/Donated By: Winner Second Third
Ben Mohr Rock
Roger Banks Paramour Electra Caliente
Ground Hog
Bob MacAllister Electra Velica Oasis
McMillan Trophy
McMillan Family Kay D Soul Thyme Oasis
Walker Rock
Charles Sutcliffe Velica Oasis Caliente
Spring Regatta
Don Baxter Velica Bravo Zulu1 Imp
Round Prevost
Jim Sinclair Imp Kay D Oasis
Round Penders
Brian Rowley Kay D Imp Final Dash
Bas Cobanli Memorial
  Bravo Zulu2 Kay D Electra
Ted Coombes Kay D Paramour Imp
Round Salt Spring (Club boats)
Steve & Pam Thomas Braveheart Velica Electra
Marshall Sharp (RSI Open)
Norah Sharp My-Tai
Emma Mischief
Channel Islands
John & Nancy Rainsford Kay D Oasis Deryn Mohr
Vendee Saltspring
David Wood Imp Caliente Kay D
Wed. Night June
Caliente Imp Final Dash
Wed. Night July
Imp Final Dash Oasis
Wed. Night August
Kay D Imp Final Dash
Summer Series
Dick Moore Imp Final Dash Kay D
Visitor’s Race
Alicia Baxter Electra Soul Thyme Kaitoa
Montague Harbour
Peter McMillan Kay D Soul Thyme Bravo Zulu2
Captain Passage
Rick Paton Electra Kay D Imp
Jack Langdon
Don Baxter & Tom Butler-Cole JJ Flash Imp Baron Rouge
Long Harbour
  Kay D Paramour Wildfire
Prevost Challenge
Tony Brogan Naru Electra Oasis
Kibble Cup
Roger Kibble Kay D Velica Oasis
Points Trophy
Doug Thomas Kay D Imp Electra
Most Improved
Jim Ballantyne Gyle Keating
Broken Tiller
Bas Cobanli Eric van Soeren – for ‘Re-Grounding’
Most Enthusiastic Racer
Peter Drage Family Philippe Erdmer – who also wins Most Enthusiastic Boat Trader
Best Crew
Lawrie Neish Martin Counsell – the brains behind ‘Wildfire’

1. Skipper: Philippe Erdmer
2. Skipper: Mark Strongman