Club Cruising

We encourage members to provide any recommendations on cruising destinations. Perhaps there is a certain spot that you would like to explore or maybe you are just interested in getting away for a weekend with other Club members. Let us know and we would be more than happy to assist and contribute to a fun and enjoyable 2018 Cruising Season. If you are considering leading a cruise, here are some things to think about: Leading a Cruise.

Please reach out to our Fleet Captain Cruising, Steve Sawyer, with any questions or suggestions.

Overview of 2018 Cruising plans available here: CLUB CRUISING 2018


The next cruise will be the Round Salt Spring Cruise, led by Steve and Claudette Sawyer, on the long weekend in May.  Watch this space for details.


2018 Easter Cruise to Poet’s Cove a Really Great Time

The 2018 Easter Cruise to Poet’s Cove at Bedwell Harbour drew a mix of boats and people.  Cruise leader Douglas Woolcock, being also the Racing Fleet Captain, just had to throw in a race, so that drew a few folks in. Another draw was the Easter events at Poet’s Cove, which looked good for children, so that drew a few more.  And then there were some people who simply wanted to get out in their boat for what looked like a pretty fine long weekend. There were Firefly with her crew of Douglas and Kim Woolcock and Theo, Rampart with the de Roos family, Sonrisa with Sarah Hanna and Doug Hornsey and kids, Bluebonnet with Laurie Clark and Paul Bryant, Deryn Mor with Kevin and Wendy Vine, Skeena Cloud with Greg Taylor, Second Wind with Julie and Eric van Soeren, Oasis with Dorothy Finnigan and Bob Jones, and Nest Egg with Karen and Kim Laidlaw.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Douglas sounded the horn to start the informal race at 11 am and Skeena Cloud, Deryn Mor, Oasis, and Second Wind took on the challenge.  Tony Brogan in Radiant Heat joined for the start, but changed his mind partway through, intending to go around Prevost instead.  Reasonable wind prevailed until the Channel Islands, and then the dropouts began as the wind swirled and weakened.  Deryn Mor was the first to bail (but also made it to Bedwell sooner than those who persevered, as her crew was quick to point out.)  It was Bluebonnet’s first ever Club cruise, so they were initiated into the Club cruising traditions of (H)Appy Hour and potluck dinners on the Friday night.

It was definitely an “organize it yourself” cruise, with the families with children doing things more or less together and those at the other end of the dock doing the same.  There were hikes to Mount Norman (if you had a dinghy and children and/or dogs who needed to run), hikes to Greenburn Lake, swimming in the pool and soaking in the hot tub (if there was space), relaxing on your boat or going for a run, sailing around the marina in your sailing dinghy, and food at the restaurants if you were so inclined.  One group had an excellent pub dinner on Saturday night and the folks who stayed for the Easter brunch on Monday reported that it was a great time.

Scroll down for a few more informal photographs of the weekend, courtesy of Douglas Woolcock, Laurie Clark, and Wendy Vine.  Thanks so much to Douglas and his family for leading the first cruise of the 2018 season!


Sunshine Wilde has inspired a number of women to brush up on their boating skills. 23 students attended the first night of her Women Only Boating Course on March 13 at the Clubhouse. Everyone seemed to appreciate a chance to share boating concerns and trepidations. Sunshine captured everyone’s attention with stories from her intrepid sailing adventures.  She also told stories of women who were transformed from being very nervous boaters to competent skippers by practicing their skills. Sunshine’s contagious enthusiasm and her “You can do it” motto has motivated the women into action.  The next classes will be held on Wednesdays April 11th and May 2nd, 7:00-9:00.  New participants are welcome.  Please contact Laura Dafoe (phone number in yearbook) or e-mail Wendy Vine if you wish to attend these upcoming sessions.