How to Join

Any person wishing to foster the purpose of the Club is eligible for membership, subject to the following criteria, and the successful completion of the application process. There are four categories of membership, Regular, Associate, Junior and Honorary Life.

Regular Membership is limited to persons whose principal residence is on Salt Spring Island. A second person sharing the same residence, in a spousal relationship, may be named as sharing the same membership. Each Regular Membership, whether an individual or a couple, has a right to one vote and to hold one office in the Club at any one time. Regular Members have mooring privileges, subject to availability.

Associate Membership may be granted to applicants who wish to particpate in Club activities without having voting or mooring privileges. Associate Members may not hold office.

Junior Membership is limited to persons under the age of 19 years. Junior Members are not entitled to a vote or mooring privileges. For more information on the SISC Junior Program, including Junior Membership Application, please go to the Junior Program page.

Honorary Life Membership is given in appreciation of important services rendered to the Club. An Honorary Life Membership is only granted by election at an Annual General Meeting upon a vote of 75 per cent of Regular members present and entitled to vote. Such members are exempt from payment of dues and fees, excepting moorage and related charges, and retain all the rights of Regular Membership.

The Application Process

Eligible persons applying for membership in the Club need two Sponsors, who must have held a Regular Membership for a period of at least three (3) years, are currently in good standing, and have met Work Contribution expectations according to Club regulations. Applications must be submitted in the proper form to the Secretary of the Club, together with the application fee. Applications will be reviewed by the Membership Committee, and applicants will be asked to meet with the committee for an interview. The committee’s findings will be reported to the Board of Directors, who vote on all new memberships. A two-thirds majority vote of the Board in favour is required for election to Membership.

If you are interested in becoming a member, you may download the Membership Application Package form from the Downloads box at right and follow the procedure outlined. If you have additional questions about membership in Saltspring Island Sailing Club, please contact Richard Steveson, Club Secretary.