2018 Racing Calendar

Saltspring Island Sailing Club

2018 Racing Calendar


Format: NFS No Flying Sails
Format: RH Reverse Handicap
Format: SH Single-handed
Note: KC Kibble Cup race
Note: IOM International One Metre event
Note: VIRS Vancouver Island Racing Series event

The racing events for 2018 have been divided up into three series of races that are counted toward the Total Points. Other races are “just for fun”. Actually, all races are just for fun. Some just don’t have points associated with them.

Each series has two throw outs. The Kibble Cup 5-race series now has one throw out.

  • SISC events are in BLACK
  • Regional (“big” boat) events are in VIOLET
  • IOM (“little” boat) events are in RED
  • Non-club events whose dates remain unverified have their titles underlined
  • Kibble Cup races (other than RSS) have their titles in black with a yellow background
Race Date Date end Start Time Limit Format Series Race number Alt. Series Sponsor Club Distance Course
Hot Rum Race
Ben Mohr Rock
Ground Hog Day
Channel Islands
Walker Rock
Round Prevost
Western Regional IOM Championships
SISC Winter Craze
Bas Cobanli Memorial
Spring Regatta
All-club Boyz Cruze
Patos Island
Southern Straits
Sail Past Race
Thetis Island
Round Saltspring
Wednesday Night Jun I
Race Around Lasqueti
RNSA Single-Handed
Wednesday Night Jun II
McMillan Trophy
Wednesday Night Jun III
Wednesday Night Jun IV
Captain Passage
Wednesday Night Jul I
SIN Regatta
Wednesday Night Jul II
Wednesday Night Jul III
Jack & Jill
Wednesday Night Jul IV
Wednesday Night Aug I
Cow Bay Regatta
Wednesday Night Aug II
Wednesday Night Aug III
Wednesday Night Aug IV
Montague Harbour
Final Wednesday Night Aug V
Maple Bay Regatta
Jack Langdon Trophy
Sidney North Saanich Regatta
Night Race
CFSA Regatta
Round Pender Day 1
Round Pender Day 2
Thermopylae Regatta
Long Harbour
All Club Boyz Cruze
Snowflake 1
Snowflake 2