Meet Your 2017 Board of Directors

At the Sailing Club’s Annual General Meeting on November 29, 2016, a new Board of Directors for 2017 was approved by members by acclamation. Four new Directors joined the Board, replacing retiring members: Jim Raddysh will take over the duties of Fleet Captain Dinghy from Bruce Stenstrom; Mike Dawson will replace Betsy Johnston as Staff Captain; Alan Brooke will succeed Rod Macdonald as Wharfinger; and Todd Brett will take over the Communications Director portfolio from Silk Questo. Please welcome your new Executive for 2017!

SISC Board of Directors for 2017: (seated, left to right) Casey de Jong, Vice Commodore; Karen Laidlaw, Fleet Captain Cruising; Nancy Coté, Rear Commodore; Eric van Soeren, Past Commodore; (standing, left to right) Mike Dawson, Staff Captain; Dennis Fortin, Secretary; Paul McManus, Commodore; Jim Raddysh, Fleet Captain Dinghy; Alan Brooke, Wharfinger; Norbert Schlenker, Treasurer; Todd Brett, Communications Director. Missing: Vincent Argiro, Fleet Captain Racing.

(photo by Silk Questo).


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