New Pilings Replaced in Record Time

The project to replace 5 piles along C Dock is now complete.   Good weather and low winds helped Island Marine to complete their work in just 2 days and made it possible to contain the creosote sawdust.  All boats are now back to their own slips and members are urged to check their own boats to make sure all is well.

Two piles are being kept to reinforce the divergence of the creek.  They are currently tied down on the dinghy docks, where they will remain until we have the appropriate high tides to float them to their final resting place.

This project was a well-executed collaboration between many Club teams and members.  Thanks to everyone involved for their time, labour, and coordination efforts.  To read the complete report by Rear Commodore Nancy, please click here: Pile Replacement Report

  Tug at the ready…

     Equipment on site

 Finished piles in place

 Pile waiting to reinforce creek area

Thanks to Hugh Preddy and Todd Brett for photographs.

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